Ice Fishing in Nebraska

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Ice fishing in Nebraska is a great winter pastime that we offer at Elkhorn Outfitters during the coldest months of the year. Once the lake freezes, we start our ice fishing season. All you need is a fishing license—our crew takes care of everything else you could need. We do recommend bringing some hot drinks and snacks to enjoy while you’re hanging out on the ice.

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Available December through February


Ideal for groups of 4 or more


Price specs per person


For ages 10 years and older

Ice Fishing in Nebraska

We handle all the logistics

We provide the hut, the heater, and the other gear you’ll need. You will need to have your own fishing license.

You relax the day away

Enjoy the serenity and unique challenges that come with ice fishing in Nebraska. Bring some hot drinks and snacks to chill out with your friends or family.

Your safety is our top priority

We follow all regulations to make sure we keep you safe on the ice. This may limit the number of holes we’re able to set up during certain times.

Fun for the whole family

People of all ages and abilities can enjoy ice fishing. We can accommodate large groups with up to 16 people.

What to Expect

We will start the day in the late morning, and you’ll meet your outfitter on the ice. We will have everything set up for your group and ready to go. We provide the ice hut, poles, chairs, heater, and bait. When you arrive, our crew will have everything set up for you to enjoy a day of ice fishing. We’ll give you a rundown of what you need to know and answer any questions before letting you get started.

We recommend bringing hot beverages and any food you’d like to enjoy during your time. Make sure to dress in layers!

Where to Park

We offer ice fishing at multiple locations. Be sure to check your reservation before you head out to the lake so you end up in the right spot!

Parking & Directions

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