Mountain Biking Tours Near Omaha

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Guided Mountain Biking Tours Near Omaha

Escape your normal routine and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Midwest! At Elkhorn Outfitters, you have the chance to explore some of Omaha’s best biking trails with the support of our knowledgable outdoor guides. Our mountain biking tours are great for those who are new to mountain biking and seasoned adventurers alike.

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Available April to October


Ideal for groups of 4 or more


Price specs per rider


For riders 10 years or older

A heart-pumping, beautiful adventure

We handle the logistics

When you join us for one of our mountain biking tours near Omaha, we provide the bike and a tour guide to help you get the most out of your adventure.

You enjoy the ride

Stop and enjoy the views while moving at your own pace. Your group will stay together for most of the ride, with the option for some free-range riding before ending together back at your vehicles.

Guided trail tours

Along the route, your guide will provide pointers as you navigate through the trail. Our crew will gladly take group photos or action shots during the ride.

Fun for all ages

We have trails suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether it’s your first-time mountain biking or you’re looking for more of a challenge, Elkhorn Outfitters can get you there.

What to Expect

We’ll meet you at the trail designated on your reservation with bikes. Be sure to bring a water bottle and anything else you might need while on the trail. Before taking off, your guide will give some main biking pointers for any beginners, and they will also help coach you as you navigate the trail.

Your group will stay together as you explore for most of your ride. Towards the end of your reservation, you’ll have the opportunity for free-range riding to go at your own pace before everyone meets back at the vehicles.

Where to Park

There are multiple locations we use for mountain biking. Double-check your reservation before you head to the trail! Our parking and directions page includes directions to each location.

Parking & Directions

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We can’t wait to see you on one of our mountain biking tours near Omaha!

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