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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet for check in?
Elkhorn Shores off of Maple St (Formerly RiverWest Campsite.  $5 parking fee per car.  Check out our Parking tab for a map.  When you turn in off of Maple, take a left.  There isn't an exact address as it is only a parking lot in a field.  Text 402-575-1584 for a drop pin to be texted back to you.

Do we still get a free cooler tube if we all pay separately?
Only if you booked in 4 person increments!  If Bob books 2 & Sarah books 2 but you are floating together, you don't qualify.  Sorry!

Can I do the waiver at check in or the day of?
No!  We need your electronic waiver filled out by midnight or you cannot float.  The only exception is if you are a same day reservation, and we almost NEVER have those!

I turn 19 tomorrow!  Can I float today without my guardian?
No!  Just like a bar won't serve you alcohol, we will not let you float.

Can we drink on the bus?
No you cannot!  We are not a registered party bus.

If we miss the bus, can we hop on the next one? 
Each bus is sold to capacity.  We cannot squeeze in more people because it is not safe and illegal!

Can I add people to my reservation after I book?
Absolutely... if we still have it available to sell on the website, you can book it!  Use the same name and email as the original reservation.  Once we are sold out, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do except add you to the waiting list.

Can we reschedule?

Do we float with everyone on our bus?
No!  You float with those you booked with only!  If you want to make friends, please do!

We have our own tubes.  Can we ride the bus?  

Are there camp sites nearby?
Yes!  Elkhorn Shores - this is where we park and meet up for the bus, so it would be the most convenient.  Also, Elkhorn River Recreation Area is nearby and highly recommended.  We do not make reservations for them so please contact them directly.

Can I book for more than myself?
We encourage that! The largest number you see under PARTICIPANTS is how many spots I have left to sell at that specific date and time. 

Cooler Tube Rentals
Under PARTICIPANTS, select the number of extra cooler tubes you'd like to book.  

What is your cancellation policy?
Advanced purchased tickets are ONLY refundable should there be a weather or river related closure. If Elkhorn Outfitters cancels for the above reasons, you may also transfer your float date to a different float day in the same season only (based upon availability). If you do not show up for your float trip, we will not issue a refund and your float will not be rescheduled.

How will we be notified if you need to cancel?
If we need to cancel, we will send an email to the main on listed when you booked.  Only the person that booked will get an email, not everyone in your group.