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Adventures with
Elkhorn outfitters
Adventures with
Elkhorn outfitters

1. No littering - No Glass!  Just throw your empties in your cooler or trash bag.  There are dumpers to toss them in at the end of the float. Let's keep the river clean!
2. No, you cannot bring your own tube.  We will provide you everything you need to make this a great experience!  Tubes are based upon availability so book early!
3. BYOB and snacks! Our cooler tubes are great to use to help hold all of your goodies.
4. OFF THE RIVER BY 7. There are no street lights on the river!  If you get off late, there may be extra fees charged.
5. Floaters under the age of 19 must have a waiver signed by the parent. They must float with someone over the age of 19. Refer to rule #10.
6. If you get off the river without any/some/all of your provided equipment, you are responsible for the cost.  Details and prices are listed on the our waiver form.
7. Tubers must be 10 years or older to tube.  This is a river, respect it's power.  No exceptions!
8. Find a safe ride home. Be safe.
9. You get one cooler tube (fits a standard sized cooler) per four guests (i.e. a reservation for 4 gets one cooler tube included. A reservation for 6 gets one cooler tube included.  A reservation for 8 gets 2 cooler tubes included, etc)
Bring your own cooler because we do not provide them.

10. No underage drinking allowed.  We want everyone to have fun and that could spoil it for everyone.
11.  Buy aluminum.  NO GLASS.  All of our guest will have bare feet and we don't want glass ruining anyone's good time!  We will not allow it on the bus.
12. No firearms.
13. No fireworks.
14. All riverbanks and sandbars are private property.  Property owners have been known to prosecute trespassers.
15. Come back and see us again! We love a good time and we hope you do too!
16. Advanced purchased tickets are ONLY refundable should we close due to weather or river related conditions. If you do not show up for your float trip or miss the bus, we will not issue a refund.  Be on time! 

Safety Regulations

Papio Natural Resource District (NRD) Rules and Reg's

Check this site for river closures.

The Papio NRD sometimes needs to close river access points for safety reasons.  If the water level is above 5 feet, it is considered too dangerous for tubing.  In the event of a river closure, you can reschedule your trip at no cost!

Underwater Hazards

Remember folks, this is a river!  Rivers can be dangerous places.  There may be hidden hazards under the water.  The 2019 Flood, heavy rains wash trees, branches, and other items into the river.  These can snag your feet and pull you under.  Avoid shoes with laces.  The laces can get snagged on these hidden hazards and pull you under.  It is best to lay across your tube, or sit on it with your feet no deeper than the tube itself. Keep your life jacket on at all times.

Personal Flotation Devices

Life jackets save lives!  These are mandatory for use on any body of water in Nebraska.  Everyone must have one. We provide a life jacket to every tuber with the purchase of your float trip.  Stay safe!

Exiting The Tube

Be careful when getting off your tube.  Don't get into any water deeper than your chest.  This is a river with a current and a mind of it's own.  If you are separated from your tube, swim with the current to the side of the riverbank.  Do not swim against the current.
All river banks and sandbars are private property.  Please respect the rights the property owners.  They have been known to prosecute trespassers.

Releases & Waivers

Everyone is required to sign a waiver.  Minors under the age of 19 will need to have a minor release form and guardian/parental permission.  Parents/Guardians must accompany minors on trip.